The Gray Jedi


Sean G.



Super Powers:

Artistry, Hosting, Sales & Brand Promotion


SeanG is an Emcee. The Last of a Dying Breed. After Hip-Hop was sieged by RapLords, Emcees were pushed to extinction. The Light Side of The Hop dwindled as the corporate greed & egoism of The Dark Side began corrupting the once prolific culture. Just as things seemed darkest…..SeanG was assigned a mission. The Mission: To bridge the gap between Entertainment and Enlightenment, balancing both sides of The Hop in order to inform, inspire and move the community. Armed with the skill of Freestyle Rap, Ceremony Mastery and Brand Endorsement.Sean is the New Darth Vader of The Nerd Rebellion happening right now in Hip-Hop. One day soon, intelligence and spiritual awareness will be praised just as highly as class and riches. This is Sean’s Vision. This is his Purpose. Coming straight outta Atlanta, Meet God’s Emcee: SeanG.


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Through the power of music, Sean G. inspires, motivates & informs.

SeanG uses his Voice to speak power and awareness into all people. Whether it be a performance or an event he’s hosting, one can expect G to bring passion and professionalism to the stage.

An Emcee is The Master of Ceremony. He Moves the Crowd and informs the people all at once. SeanG has been mastering this craft since 2008, when his hobby of rapping evolved into the more personal mission of impacting the world. In 2014 , Sean enlisted in the ranks of Soul Food Cypher; A Company whose mission is to change the negative perception of Hip-Hop by using their Monthly Cypher Events and Workshops as a means of contributing to their community. SFC and SeanG both believe that their is a great power that comes with freedom of speech. One voice has the power to lead a whole community into destruction or ascension…..SeanG aim’s to be the latter.


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Brand Ambassador

Another unique skill of an Emcee is the ability to spread word of mouth like butter. They are role models and leaders in their community, giving them access to a wide and ever expanding demographic of people. SeanG uses this ability to spread awareness of brands and people who have something enriching to offer the community. If you have an idea or business that contributes to the global community, send G a Mission Request to act as your Brand Ambassador. Upon accepting this mission, G will proudly assist in spreading the word of your cause at countless events around Atlanta. SeanG will endorse your Brand with prestige and passion, making you a part of his overall movement to change The Hop and uplift The Community….into eternity and beyond.

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