Who is SeanG?

The Better Question is What?

SeanG is not just an artist or a business man.

He isn’t even just a sum of the two.

SeanG is a Brand

A simple label cant explain exactly what SeanG represents. 

You see..

He represents the Artist that decided to no longer make excuses but instead to make solutions.

He represents the Business Man who thought so outside the box that the box became but another pixel within the digital masterpiece that is his vision. 

He represents the every day person who has decided that any dream is accessible and that one can not truly live until they dedicate their life to that dream. 

Meet SeanG

The Artist


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The Business

SeanG started his venture into marketing back in college when he joined Ego Entertainment, a party promotion team that had taken over the AUC back in 2008. He eventually advanced from party promotion to real world marketing, working for a Cydcor office for 6 months. In those 6 month’s he learned the in’s and out’s of direct marketing. Mixing his professional knowledge with his street smarts, Sean crafted a style of Marketing unlike any other. He is a Ninja, entering any and all demographics with ease. Sean can close the smallest of clients to the largest of clients. From decision makers to fans, Sean has a pitch just for them. Don’t believe me, invite him out for a test run and see for yourself.  

Video: #Repost @soulfoodcypher with @repostapp ・・・ Just a taste of things to come… SFC performed on a... http://t.co/mKwv65KOjB
Photo: At The Press Conference for #A3C2015 http://t.co/c6VLtJ5HF4
Video: ATL’s Most Cultured Hip-Hop Cypher : @SoulFoodCypher- 6pm Tonight At @WonderrootAtl. #ArtFreestyle... http://t.co/aHhEzjK89k
Photo: #TheMove #Oct3rd ・・・ Yoshi’s #preA3c #A3C Takeova Presented by: HIPHOP EVERYTHING... http://t.co/Oli39o3ZRK

Prices Are Negotiable

All Packages Specialize in one of two forms of Marketing. The stronger of the two would be Direct Marketing. Indirect Marketing/Social Media Promotion does not have the impact nor accountability aspect that comes with Direct Marketing. Contact Me for a FREE Consultation to learn what Direct Marketing can do for your business.  

  • Ear 2 The Street
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    Indirect Marketing Package
  • Social Media Support
  • Constant Updates on The Most Productive Moves in the City
  • Get Added To The Matrix
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  • Feet 2 the Street
  • $00

    Direct Marketing Package
  • Access to An Expert Salesman
  • Gain Physical Clients/Fans
  • Comes With Promotion Consultation
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  • Word of Mouth
  • $00

    Ultimate Marketing Package
  • Direct Marketing
  • Indirect Marketing
  • Full-Time Salesman
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